An Australian 123 of Animals

From Whyalla News -“An Australian 1,2,3 of Animals is a beautiful book by Bronwyn Bancroft.

An Aboriginal exploration of Australia’s unique and astonishing animals–1 platypus diving, 2 brolgas dancing, 3 koalas dozing, 4 crocodiles snapping, 5 kookaburras laughing. This book is a lavishly illustrated counting book by a well-known Aboriginal artist. The book is both a delightful introduction to the numbers one to 20 and a unique exploration of Australian wildlife -  some familiar, others more unusual – as seen through the eyes of Bronwyn. Animals include sugar gliders, emus, galahs, wallabies and more.”

From Local Citizen – Northern Suburbs ‘An Australian 1,2,3 of Animals’ is a counting picture book by Aboriginal artist and designer Bronwyn Bancroft. The pictures are stunning and the colours glorious. Bronwyn has also produced a companion volume, ‘An Australian A,B,C of Animals’ (2004). She has illustrated a number of picture books and her designs hang in galleries around the world. Her artwork featured in the Sports Illustrated – Souvenir Olympic 2000 program. Not only is ‘An Australian 1,2,3 of Animals’ a visually appealing tool for teaching young children to count from 1 to 15, it is also a wonderful introduction to Aboriginal artwork and Australian fauna. The illustrations include those native animals most popular with and familiar to young readers such as koalas, platypus and kangaroos, as well as frogs, geckoes and bull ants (fifteen of them!). This book would make a beautiful gift for an overseas visitor of any age and children will love it.”

ISBN 1921272856