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Shortlisted, 2013 Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year Awards – Indigenous Children

From Reading Time (May 2013) – “Bronwyn Bancroft’s books are instantly recognisable. They always attract my eye, beckoning me to open the cover to find out what story she will share with us this time. In this book Bancroft has given us a ‘…story of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people existing in support of each other’.  Remembering Lionsville is a story about family hardships, origins, traditions, and the movement of time. The story touches a variety of themes; the land, provision of food, migration, gold mining, men going to war, and visiting families. The text and words create a thoughtful and unhurried story based on oral histories from several generations of Bancroft’s family, as well as some of her favourite childhood memories. Both the text and illustrations provoked memories about my own family’s history and the happy times that I have shared with them. Bancroft creates engaging illustrations with the addition of old photographs to her paintings. The book is beautifully produced using high quality glossy thick pages and the inclusion of magnificent endpapers.”

From ABC Central Victoria (March 2013) – “Remembering Lionsville by Bronwyn Bancroft (Allen & Unwin) is a deeply personal illustrated account of the author’s country and family life. Told in a wonderful first person voice -  this is Bronwyn Bancroft’s story of growing up and discovering her family, her culture and her place in life. Although it is an Indigenous story, it is a universal story too, and urges readers to connect with their own stories and the ‘elders’ in their own families, communities and cultures. The illustrations combine Bancroft’s recognisable deeply saturated colour style of aboriginal art, with collage of black and white linocut-style cut outs to contrast and highlight the topic of each page.”

ISBN 9781742373201